Now that you've seen our zine, we hope you'll make your own. Go ahead and one up us—nothing would make us happier.

To give a healthy dose of focus to your zine-making, here are the guidelines we've been using for our zine, which we've been calling a sort of "Pecha Kucha of Print."

1. 10 spreads maximum (20 pages + a cover) - "can be read cover to cover in 1 subway ride"

2. About 1 topic - an idea with an opinion. This is also your edition's title.

Some helpful tips

• Try to bang it out in less than 1 week. It'll keep you focused, and help you finish the project.

• Find a photocopier and a friend who knows how to use it. 

• Have no fear. Don't worry, you can always make another one. 

• Invite feedback. It'll help make your next zine better. 

Made a good one? Tell us about it. Sharing is caring after all.